February 22, 2021

Shelby + Matt’s Downtown Savannah Session | Savannah Engagement Photographer

Shelby + Matt

I have known Shelby for years, so when I found out her & Matt were engaged, I couldn’t have been happier for them! They are the perfect couple, and compliment each other so well. Imagine my excitement when she told me that she wanted ME to capture their engagement & wedding day, I was absolutely STOKED! I already knew this was going to be such a fun session, because these two are just the sweetest and funnest couple. We spent the evening dancing our way through Savannah (they have mad dance skills, you should see Matt twirling Shelby around when they hit up the country bars).

The session started on Bay Street, which is perfect for capturing the architecture of the more urban part of Savannah. From Emmet Park, which give you a glimpse of the oaks draped with Spanish moss, to the old Savannah Cotton Exchange building, this is one of my favorite spots to shoot. Of course after we marched up and down the streets, we climbed up to the top of one of the many parking garages in Savannah. Most may not think of this spot as a first choice for photos, but in my opinion it’s perfect. Not only do you get to watch the last bits of the sunset, but you also have an aerial view of most of Savannah. It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll hear the cathedral bells chime to mark the hour, and you can see the church off to your right if your facing west. There is also quite a view of the Talmadge bridge, and sometimes you can catch a glimpse of the many container ships making their way through Savannah. Though with all of this going on, you wouldn’t believe how quiet & calm it is on the roof, even on a busy Saturday night. Anyways, if that wasn’t enough to sell you on these locations, have a look at these photos and I’m SURE it’ll change your mind. 🙂

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