It's an interesting chain of events that led me to this career, but if it weren't for those events, I don't know that I would be here, doing this, today. I started college aspiring to be a graphic designer for a magazine, I wasn't picky about which one, I just knew I loved designing layouts & wanted a career in it - thank God it didn't work out though, I would have been miserable.

Through some unfortunate events, at the time, that happened at the college I was attending, I found myself taking a bunch of  photography classes; lo & behold, my career was born... well, kinda. You see, I really hated taking portraits at first. Landscapes were more my thing, because it was in my comfort zone. And did I mention these were darkroom classes? So it was much different from where I am now.

I eventually had a 'lightbulb' moment, so to speak. It was the moment I realized that it doesn't matter how great I am at the technical stuff, the first step to getting great portraits of people is to make them feel comfortable, to forget there's even a camera pointed at them. Upon discovering that, I suddenly found my passion too, which I am lucky enough to have as a career.

So... Why Photography?

Nice to meet ya!

I'm Kelsey, A wedding + Lifestyle Photographer serving Savannah, Ga, Jacksonville, FL, & everywhere else!

I'm Kelsey,
A wedding + Lifestyle Photographer serving Savannah, Ga & Jacksonville, FL, & everywhere in between!



If you take nothing else away from this page, know that my number one goal is to serve you, however that may look. Of course, I love to create or I wouldn't be in this field, but I get the most gratification from being able to provide you with photos that provoke feeling & emotion, and to provide such a great experience that we end up becoming friends. I want our time spent together to be fun & memorable.

I've always loved to do for others, it just makes me happy to make others happy. Being able to use the talent God has blessed me with to capture such an important time for you, is just the greatest feeling in the world. There are no words to describe it for me. I leave every wedding & session so ecstatic and just bursting with happiness.

I want to capture your love story in it's real, raw form. Because while we all have our good & bad days, I want you to be able to look at your photos & it bring a smile to your face, no matter what. For you to look back, and feel who you were in those photos. Though your relationship will inevitably change & evolve, you'll never forget those feelings you felt in each season. That's what I want to document, so that when you're old & gray, your grandkids can see how much grandma loved grandpa.

I'll never forget the time spent looking through photos after my Papa passed away. There were so many photos of him & my grandma, who I unfortunately never got to meet, that just showed their bond and love for one another. They were photos I had never seen, from a time way before I even existed, yet they evoked such strong feelings in me. What an amazing thing. That's what I want to be able to do & how I want to serve you.

That 's My Passion

To create Photos that give you that Nostalgic feeling,
that take you right back to that place & Time

- You're looking for someone to be along for the journey, not directing it. Don't worry though, I'll still insert my two cents here & there.
- You like to laugh. a LOT. Because I do, laughing is my favorite.
- You don't mind making a fool of yourself, no matter who's watching.
- You like puns. This one is a dealbreaker, for real.

We will be best friends if... 

Ready to do this thing?